Are there too many golf courses in Singapore?

by daniel on April 8, 2010

in Singapore


Via the Straits Times Forum, comes an interesting suggestion: to free up golf courses Cheap Cialis for other uses. An excerpt:

Yet, in contrast, to date we have built 22 golf courses, most of which are 18-holed oases to cater to a sport whose following is a mere 2 per cent of all regular sports participants, according to the Singapore Sports Council’s National Sports Participation Survey in 2005.

An interesting suggestion, though I wonder why there are so many in the first place. Perhaps they are “filler uses” for newly reclaimed land, which might not be able to handle high stress loads. They probably also play a huge role in the business community, which probably doesn’t fall under the “2 per cent of all regular sports participants”.

Nevertheless there’s definitely some merit in the question “are there too many?” in a small island state- and a water scarce one at that, especially when golf courses are known as notorious water-hoggers (something I gleaned from my Earth Systems class).

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